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TangenX Cassettes for Tangential Flow Filtration

TangenX Cassetts

Reliable, scalable, and cost-effective, TangenX flat sheet solutions enable efficient concentration and diafiltration.

Repligen TangenX products include high-performance membranes and flat sheet cassettes that yield repeatable, successful results for critical bioprocessing applications. As experts in the science and art of membrane manufacturing, Repligen is setting the standard in tangential flow filtration solutions.

TangenX flat sheet cassettes and membranes have been used in the industry since 2006. In 2008, the TangenX SIUS Cassette launched as the first purpose-built single-use cassette for tangential flow filtration. Applications span product development through commercial manufacturing.

TangenX SIUS
Single-use TFF Cassettes

SIUS Cassesttes

TangenX SIUS Cassettes are the first purpose-built single-use cassettes for TFF. They deliver equivalent performance as reusable cassettes but with singleuse convenience at a fraction of the cost.

TangenX PRO
Reusable TFF Cassettes

PRO Cassesttes

TangenX PRO Cassettes may be cleaned and reused multiple times while maintaining reproducible cassette performance. They are engineered during processing and scale-up.


TangenX Membranes

TangenX membranes, ProStream and HyStream are modified Polyethersulfone (mPES) membranes validated for use in cGMP processes. Available in both TangenX SIUS and TangenX PRO Cassettes.


TangenX Membranes

Designed to optimize TFF, TangenX hardware include cassette clamps and holders, filter plate inserts, a bench-scale TFF development system, and a membrane screening system.

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