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Esmarch Bandages

Surgical Compression Bandages

Spectrum's Esmarch bandages provide constant and controlled compression during surgical procedures. They are 100% latex free and available in six sizes to meet a wide range of surgical applications. Esmarch bandages are supplied sterile with central supply ready wrap, sterile or non-sterile bulk packaged.


Product No.DescriptionDimensionsBandages per Case

713309Sterile Esmarch with CSR Wrap3" x 9'10
713312Sterile Esmarch with CSR Wrap3" x 12'10
713409Sterile Esmarch with CSR Wrap4" x 9'10
713412Sterile Esmarch with CSR Wrap4" x 12'10
713609Sterile Esmarch with CSR Wrap6" x 9'10
713612Sterile Esmarch with CSR Wrap6" x 12'10
714309Sterile Esmarch3" x 9'20
714312Sterile Esmarch3" x 12'20
714409Sterile Esmarch4" x 9'20
714412Sterile Esmarch4" x 12'20
714609Sterile Esmarch6" x 9'20
714612Sterile Esmarch6" x 12'20
713319Non-sterile Esmarch3" x 9'10
713322Non-sterile Esmarch3" x 12'10
713419Non-sterile Esmarch4" x 9'10
713422Non-sterile Esmarch4" x 12'10
713619Non-sterile Esmarch6" x 9'10
713622Non-sterile Esmarch6" x 12'10

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