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Instructions for Use

Laboratory DialysisTypeSize
Micro Float-A-Lyzer® 即使用可能な微量透析モジュールInstruction Manual560 kB
Spectra/Por® Float-A -Lyzer 取り扱い説明書Instruction Manual206 kB
Spectra/Por MacroDialyzerInstruction Manual276 kB
Spectra/Por MicroDialyzerInstruction Manual265 kB
BiotechDialysisMembranes取扱説明書Instruction Manual542 kB
Spectra/Por 1 to 7 Dialysis MembranesInstruction Manual282 kB
TUBE-A-LYZER® 取扱説明書Instruction Manual383 kB
Spectra/Gel®吸水樹脂 使用方法Instruction Manual168 kB
Spectra/Por In Vivo Microdialysis Hollow FibersInstruction Manual80 kB

Laboratory FiltrationTypeSize
MediaKap® Hollow Filter Media Filters.Instruction Manual507 kB
CultureGard® HF Perfusion FiltersInstruction Manual100 kB

Process FiltrationTypeSize
TFF System (KR2i/KMPi/KONDUiT) Instructions for UseInstruction Manual3.1 MB
KrosFlo Research I ペリスタポンプシステムInstruction Manual715 kB
KrosFlo Research 1 Pump System, Stand KitAssembly Instructions477 kB
中空糸フィルターモジュールの準備および使用方法説明Instruction Manual221.8 kB
KrosFlo Research II Digital Pressure Monitor取扱説明書Instruction Manual1.3 MB

KrosFlo SIP, Size BInstruction Manual

KrosFlo SIP, Size CInstruction Manual

Conversion of Bioreactors to Continuous PerfusionInstruction Manual

Process ScalesTypeSize
Scale Quickstart GuideInstruction Manual240 kB
ARLYN Ultra-Precision Scales Instructions for UseInstruction Manual372 kB

Discontinued Process ProductsTypeSize
TFF System (KR2i/KMPi) Instructions for UseInstruction Manual2.1 MB
KrosFlo Research IIポンプ取扱説明書Instruction Manual1.1 MB
MicroKros® & MidiKros®中空糸モジュールInstruction Manual634 kB
MiniKros® Sampler SystemInstruction Manual219 kB
MiniKros Pilot System取説和訳Instruction Manual 1.0 MB
KrosFlo Research II 自動ろ過圧調整弁取扱説明書Instruction Manual367 kB
KrosFlo Research II 透過液流量計取扱説明書Instruction Manual281 kB
Permeate ScaleInstruction Manual1.0 MB
KrosFlo LDF-37 SystemInstruction Manual1.9 MB

Cell CultureTypeSize
KrosFlo Implant Membrane 移植用中空糸Instruction Manual702 kB

CF-2 Fraction CollectorInstruction Manual1.1 MB
Model 280 UV DetectorInstruction Manual696 kB
Chart RecorderInstruction Manual24 kB
IS-95 Interval SamplerInstruction Manual219 kB
S-3 Solvent Saver取扱説明書Instruction Manual761 kB
クロマトグラフィカラム取説Instruction Manual2.4 MB

ClearBath取扱説明書和訳Instruction Manual 325 kB
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