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Welcome to www.SpectrumLabs.com

Dear Internet Customer,

We at Spectrum welcome you to our new world-class web site, www.spectrumlabs.com, designed specifically for you, our customers. The NEW site provides complete "self-service" access to our company's extensive product offering with quick and easy navigation to increased product information, easy-to-use product search tools, improved on-line shopping and improved communication interactivity.

Self-Service to More Information:

Along with detailing our comprehensive product offering, this website also provides relevant technology information, application references and selection guides to help you better understand the product use so that you are equipped to make confident purchase decisions. Not only does our new website represent all Spectrum business segments and product lines…
Laboratory FiltrationChromatography
Process FiltrationCell Culturing
Laboratory DialysisLabware
Dynamic DialysisOperating Room Disposables
…but it also keeps you up-to-date with our New Products section.

Product Searches & On-line Tools:

Since our on-line Catalog offers over 4000 part numbers, we have developed 5 search & on-line tools specifically to help you narrow down or extend your product search:
Keyword Search
Parameter Searchexample
Similar Searchexample
Related Productsexample
Compare Itemsexample


Spectrumlabs.com offers complete on-line shopping services for all our products (excluding Process Filtration products). Whether purchasing with a credit card or a purchase order, our website gives you the ability to place and track an order, as well as view your transaction history. In addition to password protection for your account, we take every measure to assure on-line security.


In spite of the comprehensive product information, on-line shopping, 5 search tools, world-wide contact info & links and improved customer communication function; the website is very easy to use and navigate. From almost any place in the website you can go almost any where else you want within 1 or 2 clicks. The website is equipped with 8 ways to navigate:
  1. Drop-down Menu (left side)
  2. Fly-out Menu
  3. Key Word Search
  4. Imbedded Hyperlinks (product index, promotions & content links)
  5. Technology resource navigation (right side)
  6. Corporate navigation (upper right)
  7. Bread Crumb Trail (upper left)
  8. Site Map (top)

With so much control, access and information at your fingertips, we invite you to explore www.spectrumlabs.com and make your self at home. We are proud of all that it offers and hope you enjoy your "visit".

The Spectrum Web Team

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