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シリンジ(GC & HPLC)

Spectra/Chrom® S-3 Solvent Saver System

Make your Acetonitrile Supply Last Longer

  • Saves up to 90% of acetonitrile and other solvents in HPLC applications
  • Saves on solvent purchases
  • Saves on recycling costs
  • In stock and ready to ship

The S-3 Solvent Saver System is a microprocessor-controlled system Which reduces the amount of solvent, including acetonitrile, used in HPLC applications by up to 90%. The system allows solvent between peaks to be recycled. Use of the S-3 saves on solvent purchases while reducing the amount of toxic waste generated. The S-3 Solvent Saver System works with both UV and RI detectors and can be operated both manually and automatically. The system is CE marked and complies with RoHS.

The programmed level may be positive only (for use with unipolar detectors like UV absorbance monitors) or both positive and negative (for use with bipolar detectors like RI monitors). The Solvent Saver can handle up to a 50% overrange and continuously displays its status and the signal level. The recycle valve can also be set manually or by remote control to remain in either the recycle or waste position. A Q.A. validation signal continuously indicates the valve's position.

The Solvent Saver comes complete with the control console, valve, a signal cable, and fittings for 1/16" OD and 1/8" OD tubing.

Solvent Saver System Technical Specifications:

Set Point:0 to 0.5 V in .01 V steps or
0 to 5 mV in .1 V steps
Hysteresis:0 to 9.9% full-scale in 0.1% steps
Signal Input:1 V or 10 mV full-scale (user selectable).
Remote Inputs:Contact closure or TTL low inputs for forced waste, forced recycle, and auto-zero.
Remote Output:Open collector output to verify valve operation.
(without valve)
21 cm x 10 cm x 17 cm
8.3" x 4" x 6.7"
w x h x l
Weight:1 kg (2.2 lb)
Operating Temperature:0 to 40°C non-condensing.
Power Requirements:115 ± 25 VAC, 14VA
230 ± 50 VAC, 14VA
Line Frequency:45 to 64 Hz


Product No.DescriptionPrice

142100S-3 Solvent Saver System, 115V, includes valve and fittings.REQUEST 
142102S-3 Solvent Saver System, 230V, includes valve and fittings, CE.REQUEST 

UV Detector

The Model 280 UV detector is ideal for use with the S-3. This inexpensive filter-based detector features a similar rugged design and it suitable for use in the cold room.


The manual for the S-3 Solvent Saver System available on-line here.

The S-3 Solvent Saver System is also described here, here, and here.

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